Volleyball League Rules


WE PLAY IN THE RAIN- but not in lightening.

In the event of bad weather or questionable conditions, Captains should call FATMANS @ 847-244-8300. Updates will be made by 6pm of the day in question… To get information FASTER – Sign-up for our Fatmans Volleyball e-mail list. You can also follow us for updates on weather and/or playing conditions on Facebook @FATMANS GURNEE or our group page @FATMAN’S VOLLEYBALL. Every attempt will be made to play the games, unless there is LIGHTNING OR A STORM PRESENT at game time. This decision will be made by the Manager, Referee or Sports Committee. We will make every attempt to play all scheduled games for that night, including “Rain Delays” which can cause games to start later.

Playing Regulations


The Volleyball Sports Committee maintains the right to make all decisions regarding league play, rule interpretation, facilities, scheduling, equipment and the ability to play.

INTOXICATION: The Referee has the right to remove any player deemed to be unfit to play, due to excessive alcohol consumption or illegal substances. Failure to leave the playing area will result in their team forfeiting that nights’ scheduled games.

PHYSICAL ALTERCATIONS: Will not be tolerated and will result in being suspended from play, indefinitely.

NO outside food or drink is allowed at Fatmans. Absolutely no glass of any kind is allowed on the volleyball courts.

When entering the restaurant PLEASE make sure that you are wearing footwear in case of any broken glass that may be on the floor.

In the event that a regularly scheduled Referee does not appear by game time. A designated Staff Supervisor will referee the start of the game.

A 6-6 team may start with less than 6 players, however 4 is the minimum number of players required to play. ONLY ROSTER PLAYERS who have signed a waiver will be allowed on the court. Friends, family and fans should remain on the patio area at all times.


  • You may not touch the referee’s stand, net, poles or structures to aid your advantage when the ball is in play.
  • Bright tape lines designate the boundary lines.
  • If a ball lands on any part of the line or tape jumps, it is considered in bounds.


  • A server may serve from anywhere behind the back line and must not contact, step on or in front of the back line while serving the ball.
  • A server must wait for the referees whistle. You then have 5 seconds to serve the ball.
  • A served ball may not be blocked or attacked.
  • Upon release of a serve, if a miss-toss occurs, you must allow the ball to fall to the ground. You’re allowed one miss toss. If a miss toss occurs a second time, the ball is awarded to the other team and a point.
  • In the “Recreational Leagues”, player’s may not set, or use open hands, to return a ball on a serve.
  • In the “Women’s” and “Competitive Leagues”, player’s may set the serve. The first ball over, you may double contact the ball (Ref’s discretion), but not an open-hand-lift, the ball may not come to a rest or trap the ball.
  • No jump serves are allowed in “Recreational Leagues”.

Let Serve:

  • A let serve will be allowed in all the leagues, this includes “Competitive”, “Women’s” and “Recreational Leagues”. A let serve is when a ball contacts the net and falls in bounds on the way over from a serve. It is a valid serve and will be played.


  • A player may not contact the net with any part of the body or clothing. However, if a ball is hit with such force as to make the net touch a player, it is not considered a hit or contact.
  • Players from opposing teams simultaneously contacting (fouling) the net, shall result in a double fault and the play shall be replayed.
  • Crossing under the net is allowed, without contacting an opposing player (Ref’s discretion).
  • Any player that attempts to disable an opposing teams player in returning the ball, other than a legal block, will be considered by the Referee as an obstruction and ruled a net violation.
  • The ball must break the plane of the net, or be purposely directed over the net, for an opposing team to block on the first or second contact. On the third hit, an opposing team may block or power block the hit.
  • A blocked ball by two opposing players that comes to a stop is considered a dead ball and a replay is awarded.
  • A block is not considered a contact, therefore the same player may contact the ball again.


  • A back row player is not allowed to leave his/her feet to spike or attack a ball on or past the 10′ line (Ref’s discretion).
  • A ball must break the plane of the net before it is hit by an opposing player.
  • A ball that has completely crossed the plane of the net may not be hit, by the attacking team from which the ball has just traveled.

Co-Ed Team Line-Up Allowed:

*3 Females – 3 Males

*4 Females – 2 Males

*5 Females – 1 Male

*6 Females

*2 Females – 3 Males

  • Only players who have signed a waiver form will be considered league players.
  • Players arriving late may enter the game upon arrival, after the play is dead, during a side-out, or calling a timeout.
  • During a side-out, a player may enter the game at the middle back position, after the servers position.
  • During a timeout, a player may enter the game at the middle back position on the court, when the opposing team has possession of the ball. This is usually done when the opposing team has control of the ball and you want a player to enter the game, providing it is in the boy/girl lineup.
  • It is the Captains responsibility to communicate to the Referee any rotations or substitutions of present and arriving players before the start of the game.
  • A team may either substitute or rotate players in.
  • If a player is ROTATING in, he/she must enter the game at the middle back position after the servers position.
  • If a player is substituting in, he/she must go in and out of the game, for the same designated player during the same game. A male player may only enter for another male player. 
  • A ball may contact any part of the body, including the feet, head, chest etc… and is considered a legal hit.
  • A player must have control of the ball when bumping. For instance, if you don’t have your hands together upon contact of the ball and your hands are flopping around; it is considered a double contact and therefore considered a fault.


  • One 20 second timeout per game. 3 timeouts per match.
  • Officials may also call a timeout for injuries or any other unspecified reason, which will not affect the teams timeouts.
  • Captains must signal the Referee for a timeout when the ball is not in play.
  • If the Referee has already whistled or signaled for a serve, a timeout cannot be called until after the play is dead.
  • If a timeout is called and the team is out of timeouts, the ball will go to the opposing team and a point will be awarded.


  • If two or more contacts to the ball are made, a female must have made at least one prior to the ball crossing the plane of the net.
  • If the referee feels that a team is avoiding having the females play the ball, the team shall receive a warning. If the Referee feels the team has not corrected the warning, the opposing team shall be awarded a point and gain control of the ball. This may be done as often as it occurs.
  • Positioning on the court, should be a boy/girl/boy rotation. You may not have two males next to each other.


Matches will consist of 3 games.

  • Monday Women’s Comp 4’s: 3 games / 21 points: cap/ 23 points 
  • Monday Women’s Rec 6’s combination: 3 games/21 points; cap/23 points
  • Monday Co-Ed Rec 6’s: 3 games/21 points; cap/23 points
  • Tuesday Co-Ed Rec 6’s: 3 games/21 points; cap/23 points
  • Wednesday Women’s Rec 6’s: 1 game/21 points, cap/23 points; 2 games/ 15 points, cap/17 points
  • Wednesday Co-Ed rec 6’s: 1 game/21 points; cap/23 points. 2 games/ 15 points, cap/17 points
  • Wednesday Abbott Co-Ed Comp & Rec 6’s: 2 games/21 point; cap/23 points; 1 game/15 points; cap/ 17 points
  • Thursday Co-Ed Comp & Rec’s: 3 games/21 points; cap/23 points

All games will be played in RALLY SCORING. Rally Scoring means every time there is a side-out, a point is scored for a team.

Rescheduling of games:

  • Due to the number of teams and length of schedule, we do not reschedule games. We suggest having subs on your roster for this purpose. Otherwise the games will be counted as forfeits.

Forfeit rule:

  • A team must have a minimum of four players within 5 minutes after the designated / scheduled start time; a five minute grace period will be allotted per game until an eligible player arrives and ready to play. This is the 5-5-5 rule. For example: if scheduled start time is 6:30pm – 1st game forfeit is at 6:35, 2nd game forfeit is at 6:40 and 3rd game forfeit is at 6:45.




  • Calls will be made on the caliber of ball play by each individual league.
  • All Referee calls are final. The Volleyball Sports Committee will field any complaints made in writing.
  • All Referee interpretations of the rules will stand.
  • If the Referee feels that a player is trying to influence a call or a rule interpretation (correct or incorrect), they may issue a warning. If the interference is an on-going occurrence, the Referee is allowed to award a penalty point to the opposing team.
  • A Referee is also allowed to issue a warning and a penalty point for FOUL OR ABUSIVE LANGUAGE and/or UNSPORTSMANLIKE conduct directed at a Referee, player or team.
  • Captains are to initial the Referee’s written score sheet at the end of the match. By signing the score sheet, you are verifying that the scores are correct. Please be sure to check the scores, as the scores that are recorded will stand.

Protest-Eligibility Of Players/Forfeits:

  • A player found guilty of not being on a league roster with a signed waiver will be barred from playing for the remainder of the season. A team may protest a player by notifying the referee. If a player is ineligible, the team can and will be placed on probation and the game(s) will be forfeited.
  • A player whose team has a bye, may substitute on another team as long as the skill level of him/her is equal to or less than the rest of the team, (Referee’s Discretion). This rule is mainly in the case of a forfeit. You will also need approval from Management, Referee and opposing team. This rule is also final.

PLAYERS MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE (unless playing in the family league). Any player found guilty of incorrectly stating information on the team roster, such as Birth Date, Age, will be barred from playing for the remainder of the season. The team may also be placed on probation with possible permanent termination or suspension.

No glass bottle beverages of any sort are allowed beyond the entrance to the courts. If glass is taken on the court, you will be asked to sit out the rest of the game. This will be strictly enforced for the safety of all players. A plastic cup can be provided at the bar.


Jewelry may not be worn while playing. This includes rings and earrings placed in any exposed area of the body.

Please show GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP and RESPECT towards teammates, other players, other teams, referees, servers, bartenders, management and security.

Please abide by these rules before and after the league games are over.

NOTE: HOUSE RULE: A teen is allowed to play on his/hers parents team. A Parent/Guardian must be present and on court in order for the teen to play. This rule is meant for family participation. This rule is not meant to field a whole team of teenagers, this will not be allowed.

Jun 13 6:15 pm Thursday Co-Ed 6 (Blue) Jun 13 6:15 pm Thursday Co-Ed 6 (White) 5: The Squad6: Gold Diggers Jun 13 7:05 pm Thursday Co-Ed 6 (Blue) 7: Over-Served3: Warriors (th) Jun 13 7:05 pm Thursday Co-Ed 6 (White) 1: Rolling Stoners11: Shiny Balls Jun 13 7:05 pm Thursday Co-Ed 6 (White) 12: Kiss My Ace & Everett10: Grateful Digs Jun 13 7:05 pm Thursday Co-Ed 6 (Red) 12: Special Needs10: Ballers Jun 13 7:55 pm Thursday Co-Ed 6 (White) 2: Beer Money9: Will Work For Sets 2 Jun 13 7:55 pm Thursday Co-Ed 6 (Red) 2: La Familia9: KCFO Jun 13 7:55 pm Thursday Co-Ed 6 (Blue) 8: Notorious DIG2: Serving Cervezas Jun 13 8:45 pm Thursday Co-Ed 6 (Red) 3: Hammertime8: Just The Tip Jun 13 8:45 pm Thursday Co-Ed 6 (Blue) 9: Group Therapy1: Set-sy And We Know It Jun 13 8:45 pm Thursday Co-Ed 6 (White) 3: Nelly Squad8: Hit Squad Jun 13 9:35 pm Thursday Co-Ed 6 (Red) 4: Kiss My Ace7: Can You Dig It? Jun 13 9:35 pm Thursday Co-Ed 6 (Blue) 6: Sit, Stand, Spike4: Beery Ballers Jun 13 9:35 pm Thursday Co-Ed 6 (White) 4: Beyond The Edge7: Home Depot Jun 14 6:15 pm Friday Co-Ed Rec 6 18: Spikers17: She’s The Man Jun 14 6:15 pm Friday Co-Ed Rec 6 8: Tool School7: Bangers and Smash Jun 14 7:05 pm Friday Co-Ed Rec 6 15: Dahminators13: Pacho’s Block Party Jun 14 7:05 pm Friday Co-Ed Rec 6 5: T-Rex3: PWA Jun 14 7:55 pm Friday Co-Ed Rec 6 16: DFU12: Hump Day Thumpers (F) Jun 14 7:55 pm Friday Co-Ed Rec 6 6: Bump Set Psych (fr)2: Kiss My Ace Jun 14 8:45 pm Friday Co-Ed Rec 6 14: Nardi Party11: Kiss My Pass Jun 14 8:45 pm Friday Co-Ed Rec 6 4: Can You Dig It?1: Ballers Jun 17 6:15 pm Monday Women Comp 4 10: Butts Up13: Sandstorm Jun 17 6:15 pm Monday Women Comp 4 6: Serve Ace Ahhh4: Smash Jun 17 7:05 pm Monday Women Comp 4 11: Kim +312: Femme Force Jun 17 7:05 pm Monday Women Comp 4 7: Oxygen Please3: Sub One Jun 17 7:55 pm Monday Women Comp 4 12: Femme Force5: Vitacade Jun 17 7:55 pm Monday Women Comp 4 9: PPT1: Latinas Jun 17 8:45 pm Monday Women Comp 4 8: Cleaver Beaches2: Sand Witches Jun 18 6:15 pm Tuesday Co-Ed Rec 6 11: Wrecker Service3: Warriors (th) Jun 18 6:15 pm Tuesday Co-Ed Rec 6 8: Dahminators6: Triple B’s Jun 18 7:05 pm Tuesday Co-Ed Rec 6 12: HBC2: T-Rex Jun 18 7:05 pm Tuesday Co-Ed Rec 6 9: Primo5: Bye Week Jun 18 7:55 pm Tuesday Co-Ed Rec 6 13: Bangers and Smash16: B-Room Jun 18 7:55 pm Tuesday Co-Ed Rec 6 10: Sand Sharks4: Take It Deep Jun 18 8:45 pm Tuesday Co-Ed Rec 6 1: Puncho’s Block Party7: How I Set Your Mother Jun 18 8:45 pm Tuesday Co-Ed Rec 6 14: Fams On The Chain15:Sunuva Beach Jun 19 6:15 pm Wednesday Co-Ed 6 6: Hump Day Thumpers4: Yaskawa America Inc Jun 19 6:15 pm Wednesday Co-Ed 6 16: Will Bump For Sets14: Grubbs Mechanical Jun 19 7:05 pm Wednesday Co-Ed 6 7: Bad Medicine3: Explorers Jun 19 7:05 pm Wednesday Co-Ed 6 17: Hurricane Ditka13: 2 Bump Chumps Jun 19 7:55 pm Wednesday Co-Ed 6 1: La Bombo Squad2: EZ Pass Jun 19 7:55 pm Wednesday Co-Ed 6 11: El Six Pac12: You Can’t Set With Us Jun 19 8:45 pm Wednesday Co-Ed 6 12: You Can’t Set With Us15: Will Work For Sets

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